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Our database will have everything you require to develop a calculated and effective email marketing campaign. California list of real estate agents DATABASE carefully packed with detailed company information that generously allows you to methodically search, export and sort with all possible convenience. 

General Fields you get in our marketing database are: Contact name, Company Name, Title, Phone, Fax; SIC Code, Business Category and URL.

Our Company email addresses have been verified by our dedicated team in order for you to have access to thousands of realtor b2b email list . It is undeniably substantial to have unique and high quality business leads that allow you to gain a more immense and broader audience than any other contact list data available in the web today. Try list of real estate agents Free Sample Download.

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Evident here at edataforu Database, we are incredibly proud to generously offer b2b email lists with Lakhs of Emails from list of realtors. Our email lists consider an amazing array of professions which connect with the decision builders and other industry professionals.

The databases we are presenting can be efficiently managed to properly promote your product or systems or constitute economic B2B relationships from other companies. list of realtors Means of usage can be email marketing, telemarketing and sales lead generation.

Our b2b Edataforu extensive databases is current Updated as of 2018, and with our Most Relevant pricing, you’ll be capable to seamlessly connect with these Business People who are distinguished qualified professionals and sufficiently develop your established business easily and witness a massive return on your capital investment real estate companies. 

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Our databases are exceedingly valuable, and it will definitely encourage your business to succeed faster than you constantly thought possible. There are undoubtedly many data providers out in the Market, but edataforu is unique since We Started Data Business We Are Able Deliver accurate Database by cross checking with all Possible Methods Finally We Deliver High quality email lists to our Customers.

Brief Details about our California realtor email Listing

Land experts are totally authorized and lawfully accessible to speak to dealers and purchasers over the United States. Land operators anyway rely upon a commission just as access to a wide range of administrations. Without the assistance of expert showcasing assets and a wide system of different experts, it very well may be extremely hard for land operators to work. 

A commonplace land specialist needs to fill in as a backer for the purchaser and this implies routinely looking at the market, publicizing homes, arranging bargains for their customers and staying aware of their very own organizations an operator. A land specialist should be a social butterfly, a client administration master, a bookkeeper and a lawful expert all folded into one. 

With such a large number of various activities required by a land operator, the present top specialists depend on innovation and finding the best new devices to keep their business ready for action. A land specialist can likewise utilize a rundown of different operators to work for their showcasing assets realtor email list. 

With our exceedingly focused on postings, we can give the messages and contact data of organizations and talented prospects that can build your deals and improve consumer loyalty. Our land operator email rundown will give you an inside track as a specialist to improve your system capacity or as an item advertiser to feature your items legitimately to the experts that you might want to utilize them. 

Utilizing our consistently refreshed realtor email list rundown of land operators, you can approach an exceedingly focused on gathering of experts. This information could be utilized to wash any sort of offers battle, amplify your system as an operator or help you to draw genuine information from different experts. This is incredibly important information for a business and it can prompt some very positive result for your business. 

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1. What type of database do you offer?

We offer business and email database for entrepreneurs and businesses to promote their products and services through email campaigns.

2. What type of format is it available to the users ?

We do have the email and business database in excel format which is zipped.

3.How is business database and email database demarcated ?

The business database has an inclusion of email in the database package. The email database is exclusively with email database.

4. How often do you update the database

We update the database yearly. However, some database also gets accumulated from the previous email database inclusions

5. What are OPT-in email database

The OPT-in email database is a collection of email database of users who registers with us through our website.

6. Can this database be used for promotional activities

The database that is available for the users can be used for promotional activities, the database can be used for telemarketers for brand promotions and also includes the postal address of the recipients.The database could be a huge time saver for you for the promotional campaigns.

7. What type of payments systems are accepted

The type of payments that are available at our end is both debit/credit cards, paypal payments.

8. Where does the sample database get landed into once clicked

The sample database directly gets into the email inbox, however, when you furnish incorrect email address the database does not trigger.

9. How do you download the database post the payment remittance

The moment we receive the payments, the user could get into the order page where he can instantly download the chosen database.

10. In the event that there is some discrepancies with reference to the payments,       whom do I get in touch with.

As a policy, when there is any discrepancies, you can get in touch with us either through the mail or through chat support system


  • Company Name - 99%
  • Address -90%
  • City -100%
  • State-100%
  • Email - 75%
  • Zip Code -100%
  • Phone Number - 80%
  • Fax Number -80%
  • SIC Code - 90%
  • URL - 80%







(Note : Some Records may not contain all fields.)


Our database is updated in Dec, 2018.

Useful for email marketing, telemarketing,    fax marketing and postal marketing.

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We try very hard to get 100% accuracy but there is scope for bounce rate as people changes job There will be 40% Accuracy issue With Emails, Position, address


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